Keeping Remote during Covid

Covid-19 was a time of short walks near the house, watching lots of television, reading, and generally contemplating how this could have happened. Everything had ground to a complete halt, and I had finished tidying up my server and all my files so nothing left to do but wait for the all clear.

So, I was very surprised when my phone rang and a new client, Sir. Steveo was ringing to ask if I would help create a music video for him. When I pointed out the restrictions we were under he explained what he was looking for. It was indeed a video that could be filmed remotely.

He was hoping for a video where he was shown alone, wandering through a vast lonely landscape. I suggested to him that I could film the entire video by drone and we would actually never have to meet in person. I also had the perfect location nearby, a road running over a boggy mountain.

He is wheelchair bound and took some time to set himself up for the shoot. I set up a drone position about a kilometre away and we communicated by mobile phone. I got all the shots I needed over a period of about 2 hours and set off for home to edit. I have to admit I was looking forward to getting back to work. I was able to send him my edits remotely and after some notes, uploaded the video for him. He transferred payment to my bank account and so the job was completed without ever meeting the client in person. Covid-19, such a strange time!