Back to my 'Wild Roots"
I was asked my Mike from Studio Rove to take on the role of Live Video switcher for the Main Stage at the ‘Wild Roots” music festival in Sligo. I hadn’t ever done a live edit for music, but was familiar with the role of production mixing for live streaming events, and this was just ‘streaming’ to video screens at the same venue. I have done so many music videos, my instincts are good to figure out where every...
No Chorus
Keeping Remote during Covid
Covid-19 was a time of short walks near the house, watching lots of television, reading, and generally contemplating how this could have happened. Everything had ground to a complete halt, and I had finished tidying up my server and all my files so nothing left to do but wait for the all clear. So, I was very surprised when my phone rang and a new client, Sir. Steveo was ringing to ask if I would help create a music video for him. When...
Alcock and Brown Barrell anmi 4
Alcock and Brown - A passion project
I have been involved in the story of Alcock and Brown for most of my adult life. I first encountered the two aviators having tea with my granny in the railway station in Galway. There was a photograph of the two men there on the wall and it piqued my interest.  Twenty five years ago for the 75th anniversary of the flight, I built a radio controlled model aircraft of the Vickers Vimy that flew the Atlantic in 1919. That year I won first place...
LA Trip
Trip to LA & Newport beach
After my fabulous trip to LA/Newport Beach I arrived home and as I expected, depressed and dejected at leaving the ‘centre of the filmmaking universe. People had told me  before I departed that I would really connect with LA, but ‘wow’ I did not expect such a strong connection. To add to my depression, I found my websites and email addresses ‘locked’ down due to a virus. My IT guy could not be contacted...
1st Earwig prize
 ‘Earwig’ for 1st Place
I finally got the opportunity to meet with Karey McHugh (Earwig Film Festival – Tuam) to receive my trophy. I was very proud to be selected as ‘Best Film’ by the judging panel, but I was even more delighted when I saw the trophy. It is a sculpture, in metal (Nuts & Nails to be exact) it the form of an earwig. The photo does not do justice to it and I will include a better photo on the ‘Cairdeas’ page. It takes pride of place...
4 Films selected for NYC Filmmakers Festival
Cairdeas, My Cardboard Spaceship, In the open & Ticket to Ride have all been selected for the 2011 NYC Filmmakers Festival.The venue for the festival is :Courthouse Theatre (187 seats – HD Projection
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